SEPTBA Looks to Purchase New Groomer for PICO Field

Parkesburg, PA                                                                                                                     |   January 22, 2022

In 2020, when SEPTBA took over historic PICO FIELD, the previous league that maintained the complex was kind enough to leave us their 15yr old Infield Groomer made by SMITHCO. Without brakes, we continued to use it until a local repair person gave it an overhaul at no charge. After a few months, the brakes went out again and the only way to stop was to turn the key off, which resulted in more than one close call and even a crash or two. SEPTBA contacted a dealer in New Jersey and they have nearly new units at 40-50% off the cost of new units which run $12-15K. We are looking to raise $5K to purchase a like-new unit to get our season started off on the right foot. Today, we have launched a fun, fundraiser that could potentially see EIGHT people winning something. You can help us achieve our goal by visiting our Fundraiser!

HOW IT WORKS. Donate $20 to SEPTBA"s Groomer Fund and get an E-Ticket with two, 3-digit combinations on it.

ONLY 500 TICKETS are being sold, which cover all 1000 combinations of the PA Lottery's PICK 3 Drawing.

On April 1st, at 7pm, during the PA Lottery's PICK 3 drawing, if your winning combination is selected you win the GRAND PRIZE valued at $4000. But you're not the only winner! Those with one NUMBER lower and one NUMBER higher win $250 each. If the winning number has a "BOXED" combination, each combination will win $100 each. For example, 6-0-9 is drawn. 6-0-9 wins the grand prize, 6-0-8 and 6-1-0 win $250 each, and 6-9-0, 0-9-6, 0-6-9, 9-6-0, and 9-0-6 win $100 each. 

Once you pay via Cash or VENMO @SEPTBA (preferred), Credit / Debit card, or PAYPAL at Septbassoc@gmail.com, a ticket will be emailed to you! SAVE your ticket or print it out and watch the drawing at 7pm on April 1st, 2022. 

SEPTBA will record all sold tickets and contact the winners on April 2nd and arrange to deliver the prizes.

Any UNSOLD Tickets will become property of SEPTBA. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

SEPTBA TEAMS UP WITH the United States Amateur Baseball League (USABL)
Point Pleasant, NJ                                                                                             January 3, 2022

The USABL was established in 1986 as the first youth-amateur travel baseball league in New Jersey. The league has grown to become the largest travel program in the tri-state area with over 2,000 teams playing in the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. USABL is teaming up with SEPTBA to offer their league CHAMPIONS in the Spring and Fall a chance to compete in their World Series events, at absolutely no cost to SEPTBA or our teams. Win your division in the spring, play in the USABL World Series in New Jersey! It's that simple. We will send each winner at each level this year! 9u-14u will participate. 

Select other SEPTBA tournaments will also be qualifier events for USABL World Series events! Look for their logo when signing up for SEPTBA tournaments. 

USABL qual.jpg