Players 13-18!


Our teams and players have been hit hard with the COVId pandemic. They lost their entire 2020 spring season. we recognize all of our coaches, parents, and teachers that help keep our players safe and encouraged through these difficult times. This year, we are adopting a theme, "it takes a village" from the old african proverb. this will be the theme on our 2021 tournament shirts as well. we salute all of our adults that have worked with our youth and recognize that when our entire league operates on all cylinders, the champions each year are all of our players, and not one individual team. thank you for being a part of a great league that revolves arounD our youth and not just winning.

Offering first class travel baseball teams an opportunity to showcase their talent with other teams in the region, while maintaining the integrity of the game. The S.E.P.T.B.A. is dedicated to working with teams that embrace the motto of "Gentlemen First, Ball Players Second." 


Contact for more information on how your team can join the fastest growing league in South Eastern, PA! Accepting teams from PA, NJ, DE, and MD.