Historic PICO Field @ Minch Park - Parkesburg, Pa



Photo provided by Mr. Bud Wilde - personal collection. | PICO Field circa. 1919


During the 1900s, many towns had their own ball clubs and Parkesburg, Pa was no different. Horace Beale Jr, President of the local Parkesburg Iron Company and sports enthusiast, invested in a ballpark that met Major league standards. His team would play host to greats like Babe Ruth, Ty Cob,Casey Stengel, and the 1919 World Champion Cincinnati Reds and many more. Beale entered into an industrial league where they played the New York, Baltimore, and Camden Dry Docks, Bethlehem Steel, Klein Chocolates, and many more. He would also play various teams in the Negro leagues as well as previously mentioned Major League teams like the Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Athletics & Phillies, Boston Redsox, and more.


Photo provided by Mr. Bud Wilde - personal collection. | "The Argument" Baltimore Dry Docks visiting the Iron Men; circa 1919

Photo provided by Mr. Bud Wilde - personal collection. | Swinging for the fences during a home game. Circa. 1920


On August 20, 1918 before a sold out crowd, Ty Cobb pitched two innings against the PICO Ironmen in a very close 4-0 game. Later that day they would lose 2-1 to the Philadelphia Athletics, lead by legendary coach Connie Mack. 

When the Ironmen hosted the 1919 Cincinnati Reds, young Eddie Roush played and would go on to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962.

Hall of famers Lou Santop, John Henry "Pop" Lloyd, Martin "El Maestro" Dihigo, "Smokey" Joe Williams, Oscar Charleston, Benjamin "Old Reliable" Taylor, James "Biz" Mackey and Judy Johnson played at PICO field regularly and went on from the Negro leagues to have amazing careers and have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Negro League Hall of Fame.  

THE FUTURE OF PICO FIELD in the 21st Century

In 2020, the SEPTBA took over the two field complex in Parkesburg Borough. Our lower field was just a stream during the days of Cobb, Santop, and the others. It is now a youth field for ages 9-12. In 2021 funds were raised to build two dugouts, a concession stand and gift shop was donated by the local fire department, and bullpens were built. In 2022 the hopes are to build a press box and finish the lower field's fence. Eventually installing batting cages as well.

The upper field has various fundraisers going to help rebuild it to the way it looked in 1916. Seating for nearly 2000 spectators, a wooden fence all around the field, in ground dugouts, press box, and more. It will be a replica of the original ball park and will host youth 13-18, as well as local semi pro, and minor league baseball teams. With the help of our community and baseball fans alike, we will bring back a historic ball park for generations to enjoy. Reliving some of the best games of the early 1900's, it will surely be a park to visit, which will also help the local economy, the citizens of the Borough, and our County.